Charleston, SC: My Dream City (also the setting for my next book, so yeah…)

If I had the money, I’d buy a beautiful historic home in downtown Charleston tomorrow. It is my favorite city, like, EVER. I love Charleston. It was the first vacation spot my husband and I ever visited together, and we’ve visited several times a year since we started dating. We had our wedding there. If the opportunity ever presented itself, we’d move there in a heartbeat. We celebrated our one year anniversary this month (May the Fourth be with you, guys…), and snapped a photo in the exact spot we had our ceremony.

I’d like to share some of my photos of Charleston, as my next book takes place there!

Charleston, SC

The Battery

This is “the battery” in downtown. It is a “defensive sea wall” found at the very end of the peninsula. Basically it’s a giant stone wall on the ocean, but you can walk along it. Very pretty on a gorgeous spring day. Right along it (I mean literally — if you go down the steps immediately to the right (not in the picture here) and cross the tiny street) is Battery Park, where we had our wedding ceremony. You can read more about the history of it here.

Charleston SC rainbow row

Rainbow Row on East Bay Street

Rainbow Row is named as such simply for the colors of these historic homes. It’s a popular tourist attraction — myself included. I took this picture a few years ago, but it’s one of my favorite photos from Charleston.

wedding charleston sc

Wedding photo taken in Battery Park

Aren’t we adorable?! I loved my bouquet; it wasn’t a traditional bouquet of flowers. My family put it together for me. It’s made of sweetgrass roses, wrapped in white ribbon. Sweetgrass gifts are popular in Charleston. You’ll see many kids downtown selling roses made from sweetgrass leaves. Sweetgrass baskets are big too, especially in the open air market downtown.

Writers, do you like your novels to take place in settings you’ve visited personally? Or do you set them in places you’ve never been to?


4 thoughts on “Charleston, SC: My Dream City (also the setting for my next book, so yeah…)

  1. I like writing about cities I know. I have lived and visited a lot of places, so I try to use those cities. I am sure it is not always possible to do- but that is my preference. On a side note- I am visiting Charleston for the first time & cannot wait!! Looks super charming- and a great setting for your book!

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