IVs and bruises

A downside (and mind you, this is very, very minor compared to its benefits) of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is having to get an IV for every treatment. I’ve been going every week since the first week of April. I had 9 in my acute series, in which I was going multiple times a week, and moved right into maintenance once a week, making a total of 13 treatments so far.

My viable veins have been picked over, and the ones in my hands are small to begin with. I’m constantly bruised. Also, why is it so hard to scrub off the adhesive from medical tape?

For this past Tuesday’s treatment, they set up the line in the inside of my wrist. That was definitely not fun. That hurt worse than any IV they’ve set up before. Just the thought of having a needle in my wrist makes me shudder. Uggghh. But I’ve learned to breathe through them and avert my eyes.

I’m happy to say I’m still doing well with the treatments. I’ve now moved to every other week! Yay!


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