In the Zone

I’ve been so focused on writing lately instead of blogging. I’m currently working on a new book, Forget Me Not, a sequel to Waiting for You. So far I have a little over 20k words.

Is anyone else ready for autumn? Seriously, I’ve been looking at Halloween decorations on Pinterest. I even found a wreath I plan on making:


Cute, no? I thought so. I plan on making it for Halloween. I know, I know, it’s only the beginning of August.

I had another ECT treatment last week, and am now up to every three weeks. Surprisingly, they found a viable vein in my right hand. My veins are just so picked over, it’s always a hunt for a good vein at each treatment.

I do have a new post over on Bipolar Out Loud:

How’s everyone else doing with their writing projects?


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