About Allison


Growing up, reading was my absolute favorite hobby. Some of my favorites were The Giver, the Nancy Drew series (I’m pretty sure I owned all of them at some point!), the Redwall series, and Harry Potter. It was only natural that writing became a love for me. When I had my first depressive episode at 16, writing became an escape.


NaNoWriMo ML!

I wasn’t diagnosed with bipolar disorder until 21, after battling a long string of manic episodes, heavy drinking, and a suicide attempt. Since then, I’ve been on countless medications, been through TMS treatments, and now ECT. ECT has been a godsend for me, and I couldn’t be more grateful to my doctors.

Romance and Women’s literature are my favorite genres to write. I have a finished manuscript currently going through an editor. While I do have earlier works, many of them, sadly, have been lost on old or dead hard drives. I learned the hard way to back up my work!

Foreign language is a favorite subject of mine. I studied Spanish for 7 years and Latin for 4. Other hobbies I enjoy are cooking, baking (cheesecake is my specialty!), playtime with my dog, Wilson, and spending copious amounts of my free time on the beach.

And here’s Wilson! He’s a remote and sofa hog.

Westie dog

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