Moving on!

Hey, all. I’m migrating all writing-related stuff over to my new blog, The Sentranced Writer. I’ll mostly be keeping personal posts about mental health and about my own writing here. I hope you’ll check out my new site!

I’m also looking for writers to join or guest post! You can check out the About page for more information.


Blogger wanted!

I’m going to just put it out there: I’m looking for a partner in crime. I mean…blogging buddy.

Most of my posts here on my personal blog bounce back and forth between writing and mental health. I’m hoping to separate the two — one for writing, one for mental health issues.

I’d like to keep my own personal blog for mental health, and team up with one or two other writers to start a blog geared towards writing, grammar, book reviews, etc.

If you’re interested in teaming up, please leave me a comment or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

In the Zone

I’ve been so focused on writing lately instead of blogging. I’m currently working on a new book, Forget Me Not, a sequel to Waiting for You. So far I have a little over 20k words.

Is anyone else ready for autumn? Seriously, I’ve been looking at Halloween decorations on Pinterest. I even found a wreath I plan on making:


Cute, no? I thought so. I plan on making it for Halloween. I know, I know, it’s only the beginning of August.

I had another ECT treatment last week, and am now up to every three weeks. Surprisingly, they found a viable vein in my right hand. My veins are just so picked over, it’s always a hunt for a good vein at each treatment.

I do have a new post over on Bipolar Out Loud:

How’s everyone else doing with their writing projects?

Bipolar Out Loud

Hey, everybody! My second post is now up on Bipolar Out Loud:

Electroconvulsive Therapy and Memory Loss

And here’s my first post: Creative Minds

Check us out! We have some wonderful contributors and articles over there.