Waiting for You: A Playlist (And the Wonders of Music)

I don’t know of any indie authors who haven’t made a playlist for their novels — you all have, haven’t you? — or at least picked out actors who would play their characters if their novel was ever adapted for the big screen (which, by the way, I have an Evernote file of nearly all my characters and their respective actors…).

Music is such a phenomenal concept. I’ve been playing violin for 20 years and have had such wonderful opportunities to perform up and down the East Coast, including places like Epcot and Magic Kingdom at Disney World. In my private lessons, we studied via the Suzuki Method (which Adam makes a crack about in Chapter Two of Waiting for You. I couldn’t resist.) In high school, I also was a part of my church’s youth choir, which was associated with the Royal Academy of Music. In order to advance a level (and thereby getting to wear the next color adornment over your cassock and surplus), you had to take tests in music theory.

There are even studies on the effects of music therapy in psychiatric patients. Seriously, music is such an amazing thing. The right song can make us cry when we’re sad, cheer when we’re happy, and make us belt out a tune at the top of our lungs in rush hour traffic.

This is why I think it’s a great idea to create playlists for our novels. There’s something about the perfect songs that can help convey the heart and soul, bloodmusicspeaks, sweat and tears that we’ve poured into our novels. They can be the perfect accompaniment to, dare I say it, harmonize with our work.

So, without further ado, here is my playlist for Waiting for You!

  1. All This Time ~ OneRepublic (Main theme song)
  2. One Sweet Day ~ Maria Carey & Boyz II Men (Sarah’s song)
  3. Left Behind ~ Spring Awakening (Elliott’s song)
  4. Come Home ~ OneRepublic
  5. Nightingale ~ Demi Lovato
  6. Remedy ~ Adele

    (Sorry! Couldn’t find a video to embed of this song.)


8tracks Radio and My Love Affair With It

music, radio

I don’t know if I’m totally behind the times or if this website has just really taken off recently. I stumbled across it about six months ago. It is my numero uno site for music when writing. You can check it out here.

(Upon further research, apparently I’m just really, really behind the times. The site launched in 2008. I’m seven years behind, guys…)

What is it, you ask? And I quote from their About page: “8tracks is the best place for people who care about music to make and discover refreshingly human playlists.”

You can search for various user-made music playlists by…oh I don’t know…just about anything. You can even search for whatever mood music you want to listen to. Feeling like a sappy romantic? Search romance + sad. Want a sweet road trip playlist? Type in something such as summer road trip. Search by artist or genre. Right now I’m listening to an instrumental piece from Memoirs of a Geisha, written by John Williams (seriously, everything he does is epic).

There are some real gems to be found amidst some of the teeny-bopper playlists. Here are some of my favorites/recommendations:

For writing romantic scenes

For writing sexy scenes

For writing sad/depressing scenes

I can’t really offer much for you adventure/thriller/suspense writers. Would love to hear some of your favorites, though! Happy writing!